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was a political guy that heard zimmerman screen. they decided to recess. so mark o'mara wants to bring in a witness to testify in a, quote, unusual way. and the judge says, i'm going to decide. and she decided there will be a 15-minute recess just about the time they take it every day, and usually they're right to the 15 minutes. so, i guess mark o'mara has said from the virgining he is not going to -- he doesn't have much longer to go. he had 135 witnesses on the witness list but he says i expect to be done by wednesday or thursday, and i got word today, it is possible that the defense could rest by the end of the business day today. not saying they will but they could. after that happens, though, it's not over. the case in chief is over. now you begin again. >> what i'm going to do as the defense attorney, okay, yourself, you have now heard all the evidence. there is not enough evidence here to give to this jury. you need to dismiss this case right here and now. >> shepard: which is normal. >> which is normal, and almost never happens -- >> shepard: it has happened. >> it has hand bu
mark o'mara wants to rest by wednesday or thursday, meanwhile, the major focus of the defense today was the 911 tape from the night of the shooting. close friends and former coworkers of zimmerman testimonied it was zimmerman's voice on that tape. watch. >> you know whose voice that is in the background screaming? >> yes, definitely. it's georgie. >> have you an opinion on whose voice that is? >> i thought it was george. >> why do you think that? >> just the tone, just the volume and the tone of what i was hearing, it was something that -- because i talked to him as much on the phone or had, before this incident, as i did in person. so hearing his voice over a recording is something that your tone is a little different and sounds a little different over the phone, it sounded like george. >> you could hear the noise or the yelling in the background? >> yes. >> could you identify whose voice that was yelling in the background? >> george's. >> how do you know that? >> i recognized his voice. i've heard him speak many times. i have no doubt in my minds that's his voice. >> do you have a
people in the jury if they have a reasonable doubt. here's a good question, first of all, mark o'mara has just been fantastic at this. this guy is just unbelievable lately. the last five or six days, he's been just on fire. here's the question, though, you're in the jury, right? so second-degree murder is the higher charge, right? >> yes. >> 15 years or so? >> 15 years to life. >> if they don't find second-degree murder then there's manslaughter, but there's a gun involved and the suspect is 18 years old. >> it's more likely a manslaughter, but you give the guy more penalty for the less. i have to acquit. >> that sounds like a sentencing issue. he could end up with the same amount of time, because according to florida law, you can be held up to life, you could be eligible for parole. but . >> if you don't immediate the burden of proof for the higher charge, is a juror more likely to say i have to acquit because i don't think he's guilty of this but i'm not going to give him more time. >> because the jurors don't have anything to do with the sentencing, and they are not to discuss or advis
attorney mark o'mara revealed today that the defense has a few more witnesses to call. he hopes to rest his case tomorrow. if that happens, this trial could come to an end before the week is over. the major revelation from today is the testimony of forensic pathologist dr. vincent de mayo. take a look at what he had to say. >> by the nature of this case, it's more about determining whether the physical evidence is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account. it's my opinion that the muzzle of the gun in this case was two to four inches away from the skin. so the barrel of the gun was against the clothing. the muzzle of the gun was against the clothing. the clothing itself had to be two to four inches away from the body. at the time mr. martin was shot. the most important point is the nature of the defect in the clothing and the power. if you lean over somebody, you would notice that the clothing tends to fall away from the chest. if instead you're lying on your back and somebody shoots you. the clothing is going to be against your chest. so that's a fact that if we know the clothing was 2 to 4
. >> the defense is in the middle of the case. mark o'mara, the lead defense attorney -- by the way, he was a lawyer like you, he has his own private defense practice in the orlando area and was a tv legal analyst for wkmg, the cbs television station in orlando and had appeared around a lot. so central floridans know this man. and now they know him much better. the jury is walking into the courtroom. how do you feel he has done? >> a great job. i watched his cross-examination, the temperment, tone, pace. that's not easy stuff and he did a very good job. >> shepard: it's going to be a couple minutes before the next witness. so let's take a quick break. tony used priceline to book this 4 star hotel. tell 'em why. free breakfast with express deals, you can save big and find a hotel with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes? priceline savings without the bidding. >> shepard: a fox urgent. the defense has now called the -- the defense has called trayvon martin's father to the stan. has to do with thehe testimony from detective serino who said trayvon
on this in the morning. mark o'mara zimmerman's attorney will call a few more witnesses and some time tomorrow, shep, rest their case. >> shepard: phil keating in central florida. the issue of race in this case has played a significant part in the trial. explicitly as undercurrent that slips into the state's narrative. prosecutors have said george zimmerman profiled trayvon martin as a criminal. and they have played previous phone call zimmerman made to police to support suspicious characters. each who, with, was black. but prosecutors are not the only ones who can use race to try to prove a point. today the defense insinuated that race may have played a part in the initial charges of george zimmerman. team fox coverage continues. trace gallagher live for us. the defense here, trace, was trying to show that there was tension between city leaders. >> yeah. in fact, former sanford police shep bill lee, shep, has testified that city manager a man named martin bonapard. lee said he recommended the 911 calls where screams can be heard in the background trayvon martin. they should hear them individually i
, spite or hate, and over and over again today mark o'mara, the defense attorney for george zimmerman, kept asking all of these witnesses, do you hear any of that in those recordings that george zimmerman made with police, ill will, spite or hate? they all said, no. the defense expects to wrap this case this week, so this could be going to the jury perhaps by thursday or friday. back to you. jenna: very interesting, phil. thank you. jon: there are new concerns out there that the price of obamacare is spinning out of control. a leading republican senator now asking the administration why the costs of insurance subsidies keeps rising. chief national correspondent jim angle is live in d.c. with that. jim? >> reporter: hello there, and, of course, there's also a new delay in verifying the income for claiming those subsidies which you mentioned earlier, and that comes on top of the letter from senator hatch who's asking why the president is already requesting 107% more than three years ago to pay for subsidies. critics say the increases are necessary because more businesses will drop cover
of testimony prosecutors called under 40 witnesses. the defense, mark o'mara, the attorney more george zimmerman will likely wrap his case wednesday or thursday. heather: the defense has upwards of 30-40 people on its witness list but most of them will not be called? >> reporter: without a doubt. george zimmerman could take the stand to help justify his assault on a 17-year-old teenager. if he takes the stand it would allow prosecutors to possibly rip him up on cross-examination. even the state attorney who declined to the file charges originally -- the governor replaced him and appointed the special prosecutor out of jacksonville who on april 11, 2012, charged zimmerman with second degree murder. when he first heard them -- we are still in the bench conference and the first witness coming up shortly will have more trial coverage coming up. heather: thank you so much. gregg: did the prosecution prove it case or will the jury be unconvinced? is reasonable doubt written all over this one? around legal panel will break it down. coming up -- chaos in egypt. dozens killed overnight as the m
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8